Aims and Scopes

The aim of the journal is to collaborate scientific knowledge in the field of materials science and adjacent fields of science and to further promote scientific and practical results in the form of research and review articles.

The Journal of Advanced Materials and Technologies defines its objectives as follows:

- assistance in the development of scientific knowledge, its integration in the field of materials science, nanotechnology, engineering, physics, bioscience, chemistry, metallurgy and related industries, including for the purpose of in-depth understanding of the relationship between the composition, structure, properties, functions and applications of various materials;

- exchange of up-to-date scientific information in the field of theoretical and practical research and modeling of processes related to the production, determination of the properties of new materials and their applications;

- creating a unified scientific and discussion platform for integrating the knowledge and experience of both the world's leading scientists and practitioners, as well as young professionals;

- combining the efforts of various categories of researchers in the field of comprehensive study of new materials and technologies for their application, as well as strengthening and developing professional ties of scientists from around the world.

To solve these objectives, the broad subject fields are chosen so that to reflect all aspects of the problems under consideration, including design, synthesis, complex diagnostics and application of materials; chemistry and chemical technology, chemical engineering, solid-phase technologies and structural macrokinetics; methods of modeling and optimizing the structure, properties and processes of obtaining and operating new materials; technologies and equipment for production, research and applications of inorganic, organic and hybrid materials, and problems of industrial implementation of processes related to new materials and their applications in various fields (functional and structural science, ecology and environmental protection, construction, Biomedicine, energy, metallurgy, microelectronics etc.).

The main headings of the journal:

Nanostructured / nanoscale materials and nanodevices

Advanced structural materials, materials for extreme conditions

Materials for 3D printing and additive manufacturing

Biological materials; nanomedicine, and novel technologies for clinical and medical applications

Materials for energy and environment, next-generation photovoltaics, and green technologies

Manufacturing processes and systems

The titles of the thematic headings are formulated as broadly as possible, which allows you to publish articles and reviews that combine knowledge and cover all aspects of engineering, chemistry, physics and biology that are relevant to the development and application of new materials. The mentioned headings are not fixed. In order to flexibly structure the thematic space of each issue, the set of categories forming it is variable.

The Journal of Advanced Materials and Technologies publishes research that contributes to the development of modern materials science, prepared by both well-known scientists and young specialists. The main thing is the contribution that each scientist makes to the development of knowledge about materials, methods and equipment for their production and application.

The target audience of the journal is scientists and researchers, specialists of research institutes, design bureaus and factories of the aviation and space industry, chemical engineering, energy, construction other industries, as well as teachers, students and postgraduates of higher educational institutions.

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