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Periodicity Quarterly (4 issues per year)
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Articles in Russian and English are accepted. There is no translation fee.

Publication rules

In its editorial policy, the journal follows the principles of integrity of publications in scientific journals, corresponding to the provisions of international associations and organizations, including the principles and rules of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics), ORI (the Office of Research Integrity), CSE( Council of Science Editors), EASE (European Association of Science Editors), guidelines of the Association of Science Editors and Publishers, which set standards for ethical behavior of all parties involved in the publication (authors, journal editors, reviewers, publishers and scientific society). Before submitting your article, please get acquainted with our Ethical Principles in the Publisher’s Activities  (hyperlink).

Incoming manuscripts are registered and included in the editorial cycle in case of their compliance with the thematic profile of the journal and the ethical principles of the journal as a whole, and the requirements for the articles set by the editorial Board.

Dear authors, before submitting the manuscript, make sure that the issues of publication ethics, copyright, authorship, text data formats, drawings and links have been properly considered, as well as all the necessary accompanying documents have been prepared.


Terms of publication

Compliance with the subject of the journal.

Novelty and originality of the conducted research.

The submitted manuscript should not be published earlier or considered for publication in another journal.

The republication of materials that are not new is not allowed, including the English translation of an article already published in Russian is not accepted.

Detailed presentation of methods and data: other researchers should be able to repeat your study.


General provisions

  1. The journal publishes original, previously unpublished materials in Russian (with a summary in English) and in English.
  2. Submission, review, editing, publication of articles in the journal, as well as their placement in open access databases are free of charge.
  3. Only original materials that have not been previously published and do not violate the copyrights of other persons are considered. All articles are checked in the "Plagiarism Checker” system (link). If similar texts of the same author are found in other printed and electronic publications, the article is excluded from the editorial cycle.
  4. Authorship should be limited to those who have made a significant contribution to the concept, execution or interpretation of the study. All those who have made a significant contribution (to the concept and design of the study or to the collection, analysis and interpretation of data, actively participated in the preparation of the text of the article or making fundamental changes) should be listed as co-authors. The names of persons who have made a contribution to the preparation of the manuscript that is not sufficient for the recognition of authorship, with their consent, are given in the "Acknowledgements" section, indicating their contribution to the work.
  5. The author who submits an article for consideration to the journal on behalf of authors (co-authors), responsible for the manuscript submission process and review (hereinafter –corresponding author). The corresponding author must ensure that all eligible co-authors have been included in the list of authors, and that all of them have read and approved the submitted version of the manuscript. It is desirable to present the contribution of each author to the study: Author 1 – research methodology, Author 2-data analysis, Author 3 and Author 4 - conducting experiments. Each author can contribute to several stages of research preparation, and you can assign several roles to each author.
    All co-authors can see the details of the manuscript in the application system, if they are registered in the "Electronic Edition" system. Please note that without the registration, the editorial board may request additional information from the corresponding author, as well as send requests to all co-authors at the specified email addresses.
  1. The article submitted for publication must not have been previously published. In accordance with the Preprint and Postprint policy (ссылка), articles previously posted by authors on personal or public websites that are not related to other publishers are allowed to be considered.
  2. The authors are responsible for the selection and accuracy of the given facts, quotations, statistics, proper names, geographical names and other information. The author is fully responsible for the accuracy of the bibliographic information contained in the article.
  3. Authors must indicate all sources of funding for the research.
  4. Authors are responsible for disclosing any financial or personal relationships that may affect their research. All authors are required to disclose the impact on the results or conclusions presented in the work.
  5. In case of errors or inaccuracies in the published paper, the author must immediately notify the editor of the journal or the publisher and cooperate with the editor to correct or retract the article.


Submitting, reviewing and publishing

scientific articles in Journal of Advanced Materials and Technologies

You can submit your article and supporting documents using the "Electronic Edition" system (ссылка) or in electronic form at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


List of documents

For the manuscript review by the editorial board of the journal, the authors must submit the following materials and documents to the editorial board of Journal of Advanced Materials and Technologies:

    • 1. The text of the article (in Russian or in English), abstract (in Russian and English), list of bibliographic references (in Russian and in English); figures, photos, tables.

      In the case of authorship, all authors must approve the final version of the manuscript before submitting it.

    • 2. Information about the author (s) in Russian and English :
      • - last name, first name, patronymic in full (without abbreviations)
      • - position held
      • - academic title, academic degree
      • - place of work (you must provide the official full name)
      • - organizations (without abbreviations) and the full postal address of the organization(s))
      • - city, country
      • - work phone number
      • - email address
      • - ORCID (if there is no ORCID number, you must get it by registering on the site
    • 3. License agreement

A commitment for authors signed by all authors


Before filling out the application, please read the Conflict of Interest disclosure policy (link). The application must include information about any relationships or areas of interest that could directly or indirectly affect your research or make it biased. If there is no conflict of interest, the authors should state this.

Submission and review of the manuscript

  1. The Editorial Board considers for publication the manuscripts received from the authors to the e-mail address of the journal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or with the help of the "Electronic Edition" system.
  2. The manuscript received by the editorial board is fixed by the date of receipt, and the editorial board informs the author about it by e-mail.
  1. The Editorial Board starts the article processing only after receiving all the supporting documents.
  2. All received materials are subject to mandatory preliminary verification, internal expertise and external review.
  3. The decision on publication (refusal to publish) is made within 90 calendar days from the date of receipt of the manuscript to the e-mail address of the editorial office and is communicated to the author.
  4. Registration and preliminary verification of the received manuscript is carried out within a period of no more than 10 days.
  5. The executive secretary reviews the manuscript for compliance with the journal profile and compliance with the formal requirements: acceptable volume, structure, availability of keywords and abstract in Russian and English, list of bibliographic references, etc.
  6. If the submitted materials do not meet the established requirements, the manuscript is sent for revision to the author.
  7. The editorial board does not enter into a meaningful discussion with the authors of scientific articles, correspondence about the methods of writing and formatting, and does not bring the articles to the necessary scientific and methodological level. The editorial board does not provide paid services for the articles formatting in accordance with the established requirements.
  8. The editorial board reserves the right to reject articles if the author is unable or unwilling to take into account the recommendations of the editorial board.
  9. The executive secretary sends the manuscript that has passed the preliminary review to the editor-in-chief or to a member of the editorial board in charge of the relevant topic for internal expertise.


Internal expertise

  1. The internal expertise of the manuscript is carried out within no more than 20 days from the date of its receipt, prepared in accordance with the established requirements for the design of published manuscripts.
  2. Internal expertise is carried out by the chief editor or a member of the editorial board in charge of the relevant topic.
  3. The chief editor or a member of the editorial board who oversees the relevant topic gives a description of the compliance of the manuscript with the requirements for scientific research; recommends the manuscript for publication or refusal of publication; offers a list of possible reviewers with their contacts.
  4. After conducting an internal expertise, the chief editor or a member of the editorial board who oversees the relevant topics sends recommendations to the executive secretary.
  5. In case of a negative recommendation, the executive secretary informs the author about the rejection of the manuscript.
  6. The executive secretary sends the manuscript that has passed the internal expertise to the recommended external reviewers.


Conducting a review

The review of the manuscript that has passed the preliminary assessment and internal expertise is carried out in accordance with the Peer Review Policy (ссылка).

The journal has adopted a Single-blind review, in which the name of the reviewer will be hidden, but the reviewer will know your data. Therefore, when submitting an article, you can suggest scientists as reviewers, or exclude some names from their list of potential reviewers. The editors of the journal will carefully consider your request: excluded reviewers will not review your article, and we will ask the proposed reviewers to become part of the team of our journal. In accordance with the Peer review policy (ссылка), your reviewers can not be:

  • - employees of the organization with which you are affiliated;
  • - your students and supervisors;
  • - co-authors;
  • - participants of the joint research project(s);
  • - other persons who have a competitive, scientific, financial or other relationship with you.

Therefore, we do not recommend including these categories of scientists in the list of your potential reviewers. In addition, you can identify a number of members of the journal's editorial board as potential reviewers. The final right to choose the reviewer (except for the list of excluded names) remains with the chief editor of the journal.


Publication of the manuscript

  1. The manuscript may be rejected by the decision of the chief editor of the journal:
    • - based on the results of the preliminary assessment;
    • - based on the results of an internal expertise;
    • - based on the results of external expertise;
    • - in case of loss of contact with the author for a period of more than 20 calendar days.
  2. Upon completion of all phases of the manuscript inspection the Editorial Board holds a meeting to consider the final text of the article, reviews and author's response to reviewers and the decision on publication or rejection of the manuscript. In conflict situations, the decision is made by the chief editor.
  3. Within 10 days, the executive secretary notifies the author of the decision of the editorial board to publish the manuscript or sends him a copy of the review and (or) a reasoned refusal.
  4. If there are recommendations for the revision of the manuscript, the author is invited to take them into account when preparing a new version. The revision of the article should not take more than 20 days from the date of sending an electronic message to the authors about the need for
    The article sent to the author for revision must be returned in a corrected form together with its original version within 20 days. The revised manuscript must be accompanied by a letter from the authors, containing answers to all comments and explaining all the changes made in the article. Articles that are delayed for a longer period or require re-processing are considered as newly received.
  5. If the authors refuse to finalize the materials, they should notify the editorial board about the withdrawal of the article from consideration.
  6. The Editorial board will be forced to withdraw the manuscript from consideration if the authors do not provide a revised version of the manuscript within the prescribed period from the date of sending the Editorial board a message about the results of the review of the manuscript by reviewers with recommendations for revision. In such situations, the authors are notified of the withdrawal of the manuscript from consideration due to the expiration of the deadline for revision.
    A message about the refusal to publish and withdrawal of the manuscript from consideration is sent to the author by e-mail.
  7. In case of a positive decision, the article is published in the order of priority, as well as based on the thematic plans and priorities for the next issues and the degree of workload of the editorial portfolio.
  8. All approved articles are submitted to the editor and proofreader. Articles layouts prepared for printing are sent to the authors for verification, after which they must be returned to the editorial office within a week.
  9. Manuscripts that are not accepted for publication are not returned.
  10. The Editorial board does not charge a fee for submitting, reviewing and publishing articles.

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