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«Journal of Advanced Materials and Technologies» - a scientific peer-reviewed journal devoted to research in the field of materials science and related scientific fields. The journal has been published since 2016. In 2021 the journal changed its name, preserving the continuity of goals and objectives.

The scientific concept of the journal involves the publication of articles aimed at theoretical and practical research and modeling of processes related to the production, determination of the properties of new materials, including the nanometer range, as well as modern achievements in the relevant fields of science.

ISSN 2782-2192 (Print)
ISSN 2782-2206 (Online)

Certificate of Mass Media registration

Year of establishment: 2016

Information about renaming: «Advanced materials & technologies» (2016-2020), Print ISSN 2414-4606, Online ISSN 2541-8513

Editor-in-Chief: Mikhail I. Alymov, D.Sc.(Engineering), Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The founders:

Merzhanov Institute of Structural Macrokinetics and Materials Sciences RAS

Tambov State Technical University


Tambov State Technical University

Periodicity: 4 issues per year.

Language: English, Russian. Articles are accepted in Russian and English. English version of the journal is available.

Access to articles: the electronic version of the journal is publicly available, the printed version of the journal is distributed by subscription.

Publication fee: no publication fees. Submission, review, editing, translation, publication of articles in the journal, as well as their placement in open access databases are free of charge.

Getting a DOI: free for authors.

Categories of the State rubricator of scientific and technical information:

61.00.00 Chemical technology. Chemical engineering

81.09.00 Materials science

29.19.22 Physics of nanostructures. Low-dimensional structures. Mesoscopic structures.

OECD Codes:

2.04 Chemical engineering

2.05 Materials engineering

2.10 Nano-technology

The journal is included in the List of Russian peer-reviewed scientific journals, in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of Doctor and Candidate of Sciences should be published (the List of the Higher Attestation Commission).

Scientific directions:

1.4.15 Solid State Chemistry

2.6.6 Nanotechnology and nanomaterials

2.6.13 Processes and apparatus of chemical technologies

2.6.17 Materials Science

Main categories of the journal:

Nanostructured/nanoscale materials and nanodevices

Advanced structural materials, materials for extreme conditions

Materials for 3D printing and additive manufacturing

Biological materials; nanomedicine, and novel technologies for clinical and medical applications

Materials for energy and environment, next-generation photovoltaics, and green technologies

Manufacturing processes and systems


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